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First Aid for Drug allergy

Drug allergies occur due to an over-active immune system in response to the exposure to a certain drug. The immune system makes up the defence mechanism of the body that combats infection. Upon exposure to a certain trigger or drug, the immune system releases chemicals in response to the exposure. This results in inflammation of the nose, lungs, throat, skin and/or intestines and thus, gives rise to an alle ...

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When To Dial 9-1-1

The 911 and other local emergency services across the country receive thousands of calls each day. Unfortunately, only half of these calls are actually true emergencies. Paramedics and emergency personnel respond to a handful of calls but many of these calls could have been handled differently if there were available options. Learning when and how to contact emergency medical services during a potential eme ...

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First Aid for Diabetes

Diabetes occurs due to the lack of insulin produced by the pancreas. This is a medical condition which results in the inability to metabolize carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Many patients deal with their condition by keeping their diet in check and self-administering insulin. However, in most cases, patients may experience a drastic drop in blood sugar levels requiring prompt help. The condition is called ...

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