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Helping Someone Who Fainted

Overview Of Fainting Fainting takes place when there is a decreased flow of blood to the brain A person may also experience a fainting spell which is generally short-lived and not dangerous It might or might not point to a severe underlying issue. A medical expert will be able to advise you. Common Causes Of Fainting When a person is feeling stressed A person is emotionally distressed A person is experienci ...

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Treating A Fractured And Broken Nose

Overview Of A Broken Nose A broken nose is a standard injury, generally caused by direct force to the face. The majority of broken noses heal by themselves and can be managed at home. The inflammation should subside within a week, and the blemishing should fade after about two weeks. Identifying A Broken Nose [caption id="attachment_722" align="alignright" width="323"] A broken nose is a standard injury, ge ...

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How To Treat Blisters

Overview Of A Blister A blister is a lump filled with fluid that develops when the skin’s outer layer is damaged. The fluid takes place beneath the injured skin and protects the new skin growing beneath it. When the new skin grows, the body gradually reabsorbs the liquid. The process normally takes 3–7 days. Sometimes the blister splits on its own. GP’s sometimes use the expressions ‘vesicle’ for a minor bl ...

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How To Treat Breathing Problems

Overview Millions of people suffer from asthma or allergies and have problems breathing during an attack. Also, there are millions of individuals who have breathing problems because of grey, gritty pollution in the air. Breathing difficulties also affect individuals who are allergic to certain kinds of medications, nuts, shellfish and insect bites. These individuals can suffer an allergic response known as ...

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How To Treat A Bladder Infection

Overview Cystitis refers to inflammation or swelling of the bladder. It causes: A burning and frequent need to urinate. Discomfort or stinging when urinating. Cystitis is generally the effect of an infection in the bladder, but it can also be triggered by irritation or injury. Cystitis triggered by a bladder infection is occasionally referred to as 'bacterial cystitis'. If bladder infections are left untrea ...

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First Aid Guide for Drug Abuse

Drug abuse occurs when an individual administers one or more drugs into their bodies in a way that is not in accordance with accepted medical or social norms. Drug abuse is a disorder, a health problem, that is characterized by a damaging pattern of use of these drugs, which eventually leads to further substantial problems. The most commonly abused drugs worldwide are marijuana or weed (cannabis), heroin, c ...

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Treating Moist And Clammy Skin

Overview Of Clammy Skin Clammy skin refers to moist or wet skin. Sweating is the body’s standard reaction to high temperature. The moisture caused when a person sweat’s has a cooling effect on your skin. Fluctuations in your body such as physical effort or extreme humidity activate your sweat glands, which causes your skin to become clammy. This is normal for your body. However, damp skin that occurs for no ...

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What To Do If You Feeling Bloated

Overview Of Bloating Eliminate bloating by cutting down on effervescent drinks and foods that can cause wind. Sit down when you are eating and do regular workouts. Most people have experienced the sensation of being bloated, when your stomach is strained, swollen and sore. It frequently happens after the weekend or over an important holiday season. Bloating can also be caused by certain medications. If your ...

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