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How to Protect Yourself from Lightning Strikes

Introduction Lightning strikes are common especially during the rainy and stormy weather conditions. The strikes are fatal because they send electric shocks to the body leading to death or chronic injuries. Therefore, it is vital to put measures to ensure that your home is safe of lighting. It is also important to keep yourself secure when there are lightning to prevent the strikes. [su_youtube url="https:/ ...

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Managing Psoriasis – What You Need To Know

Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition that leads to the accelerated growth of the skin cells with the resultant effect of thick scaly patches of skin. Ideally, skin cells experience gradual growth and are shed off every four weeks. New skin cells are generated and they act as the replacement for the skin that is shed. This is not the case in patients suffering from psoriasis as the new cells generated will ...

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Sepsis: Stages, Causes, Signs and Symptoms, and Treatment

Sepsis is a medical emergency, a life-threatening condition that occurs as a complication of infection caused by the chemicals released by the microorganisms. Sepsis is life-threatening condition that occurs as a complication of infection. It is caused by the widespread immune response against the chemicals released by the microorganisms. It is not actually the microbes that triggers the body wide inflammat ...

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Ballistic Trauma

Ballistic trauma pertains to a kind of physical trauma that is typically obtained from the discharge of weaponries or armaments. It is also called a gunshot wound. This particular type of trauma is commonly seen in wars and street violence. Ballistic trauma can often lead to life threatening consequences to the recipient, especially if shot in the most vulnerable areas, which are the head and the torso. The ...

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