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How Your Smartphone Can Help You Help Someone

Smartphones are the latest trendy gadgets to hit the market. But did you know that your smartphone can actually help you provide first aidand save lives? Although a lot of people know basic first aid, probably from school orwork, not everyone has the time to spare to refresh and re-train their first aid skills. As with any skill, these life-saving skills require constant practice and training to stay on top ...

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How Soothe a Sweet Tooth

Who can say no to a delicious piece of GuyLian chocolate or a chocolate chip cupcake? A lot of people can’t resist these little treats as they are often described as taste of heaven on earth. Children are not the only ones who have a sweet tooth. Many people have a strong liking for these sweet treats. There are certain types of bacteria that live in the mouth and do not usually cause harm. These bacteria t ...

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First Aid Classes – Fractures

A fracture is the medical word for a broken or a cracked bone. Fractures can be caused by many different incidents, and there are several types of fractures. St Mark James Training teaches you what they are and how to treat them. Stable or Unstable Fractures A stable fracture is when the broken bones do not move, either because there is not a complete break or because they have been pushed together. In thes ...

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