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Responsive Management of Stroke The dangers about a stroke condition is the risk of brain cells dying owing to oxygen deprivation and the inability of the blood to flow smoothly to deliver nutrients to the brain cells and tissues. When this happens, the brain’s function is arrested and death may potentially result. Without a proper treatment, stroke can progress as a life threatening condition. ...

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Warning Signs of Endometrial Cancer Endometrial cancer is one of the most common cancers affecting women. It affects the upper lining of the uterus, which is a pear shape, hollow organ in the pelvic area where the fetus grows and develops. The cancer is characterized by an abnormal uterine bleeding which helps in diagnosing the condition at its early stage. The cause of endometrial cancer is unknown, ...

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What You Can Do To Relieve Heat Rashes Heat rashes are a kind of inflammatory skin condition that is caused by an obstruction of the ducts of sweat glands. This results in the exposure of the skin to temperature level. As a result, the humidity will cause the eruption of small red papules that are accompanied by an itching or prickling sensation. Heat rash is also known as prickly heat or miliaria. Heat ...

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How To Do CPR For Infants In An Emergency

[caption id="attachment_930" align="alignright" width="300"] Infant CPR is not that different from adult CPR[/caption] Cardiopulmonary resuscitation also known as CPR during emergency is a skill and technique that is of great significance among the human race. In millions of cases, CPR has helped save many lives. Mostly applied to adults, CPR can also be used to save the lives of an infant too. However, mos ...

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Lead Poisoning and First Aid Management Lead exposure is an environmental health hazard and it may lead to lead poisoning that induces different kinds of symptoms. In children, lead poisoning has a lasting consequence affecting the child’s normal physical and mental development. The National Institute of Environmental Health Services identified the long term effect of lead exposure to children which inc ...

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Tips For Handling Dry Scaly Skin

People with dry scaly skin suffer from a lot of pain. The skin condition also causes embarrassment which as a result lowers self-esteem. The great news is that there are several ways that can be used to effectively combat the situation. Keep in mind that you’ll be required to embrace an entire lifestyle change for enhanced skin health to be achieved. This means that you’ll generally be required to watch wha ...

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