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First Aid To Treat A Cut

Topic Overview Cuts happen every day. However, it is up to the person to determine if this is a cut that they need to see their doctor about. The longer a wound stays open, the more likely a person will get an infection. That is why these larger wounds may require stitches from a doctor. Along with stitches, a doctor can choose to use staples or close the wound with adhesives. This needs to happen within si ...

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How To Treat A Blister

Overview When a person has a blister, it looks as though a bubble has appeared on the skin. However, this “bubble” is filled with fluid, and can be very painful. The reasons for these blisters developing can really be related to anything. For example, wearing a new pair of shoes, working with your hands without wearing gloves etc. Other reasons for a blister to form include: Burns to the skin [caption id="a ...

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