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How To Treat A Chest Infection

Overview Chest infections are common, particularly after a cold or influenza. Though most are minor and get better on their own, some instances can be serious or even fatal. Signs and Symptoms of a Chest Infection The key symptoms of a chest infection can consist of: [caption id="attachment_746" align="alignright" width="300"] Chest infections are common, particularly after a cold or influenza. Though most ...

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Managing your Child’s Anaphylaxis at School

Overview Your child’s school and child care must work with both you and your child to reduce his or her contact to known allergens. Familiarity with severe allergies will help staff to better realize how to assist kids who are in danger of getting anaphylaxis. Guidance for Parents [caption id="attachment_761" align="alignright" width="329"] Familiarity with severe allergies will help staff to better realize ...

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What To Do If You Have A Broken Toe

Overview A broken toe will be sore, inflamed and red. There might be bruising of the skin around the area and occasionally a gathering of blood underneath the toenail. You'll find it hard to walk and wearing a shoe will be tricky. If the break is severe, the toe might stick out at an angle. Most broken toes can be treated at home and medical assistance might not be required. When to Visit your GP [caption i ...

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Managing Back Pain At Your Desk

  Overview  Sitting for extensive periods in front of a PC is never a good idea. No matter how decent your positioning is, it is vital to get up every so often. Health professionals suggest breaking away from your desk every 30 minutes for at least two minutes. Workplace issues that can affect your back consist of: Seating position. Position of your computer screen. The height of the chair. Position of ...

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