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Does Advanced Child Care Training Cover CPR?

Introduction [caption id="attachment_1003" align="alignright" width="190"] Infant CPR as taught in CPR Training classes[/caption] Advanced child care training is a form of training that equips individuals with the knowledge that they need to offer the best care for infants and children who are below 10 years of age. Due to this, the course is ideal for individuals who spend most of their time with children, ...

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What You Need To Know Before Making A CPR Decision

[caption id="attachment_994" align="alignright" width="190"] First Aid and CPR Procedure[/caption] Individuals who are terminally ill and would want to make a choice on their life need to make concrete decisions. It is for this reason that one needs to define and decide what is important. Usually, when a loved one states that they do not want CPR done, many individuals are taken aback because the common and ...

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CPR Does Not Always Require Mouth-To-Mouth – How Does This Work?

[caption id="attachment_991" align="alignright" width="191"] CPR Without Mouth To Mouth[/caption] CPR is an integral part of first aid training so many centres will often provide both first aid and CPR training concurrently so that the trainee gets the most of the sessions at hand. Over the years, CPR techniques have continued to improve significantly, and this has led to numerous amendments made in light o ...

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