About Us

We are committed to providing the highest quality St Mark James programs throughout Canada. Our training partners follow strict standards in quality programming and training facility standards. All certifications provided through these St Mark James training providers meet government, school and workplace standards. We assure that all of our partners, located throughout Canada, issue valid awards immediately upon succesfull completion of the program. These awards are valid for 3 years throughout Canada. Our re-certification classes also meet these high standards.

Privacy Policy

To view our privacy policy please visit this page. We are committed to protecting your identity and keeping your information private.

Transfer and Cancellations Policy

Our training partners have identical transfer and cancellation policies for all course registration. To read about these policies visit our disclaimer page.

We are a proud Canadian company that promotes health education and safety training.

Who We Are

We are two lead programmers and St Mark James first aid and CPR instructors that assist our training partners. We are committed to offering the best programs with St Mark James training providers found on our locations page (found here).

Marek Kasza

Marek is a St Mark James first aid instructor trainer  as well as a water safety instructor trainer. He is a experienced teacher with 14 years of teaching experience. He has been a lead programmer at several first aid and water safety training facilities. His passions include teaching, volunteering, hockey and sustainability. He is also an avid biker and advocate of human rights.

James Cash

James is a St Mark James first aid and CPR instructor. He has been involved with several lesson development programs with the majority of our training partners. He is also a skilled database administrator and a triathlete. He works with a number of different charities in Ontario and British Columbia including the 24 hour relay for Easter Seals.

We have a team of over 75 instructors teaching St Mark James CPR and first aid programs throughout Canada. They are all experienced and knowledgeable staff with a passion for health, first aid and education.