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Components of an Effective Emergency Operation Plan

Once the initial assessment is complete, the healthcare facility will now commence on the creation of an emergency operation plan (EOP). Essential components of the EOP are as follows: An activation response: The EOP activation response of a health care facility must define, how and when the response must be initiated. An internal/external communication plan: Communication between designated groups and agen ...

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First Aid at Work

How To Carry Out First Aid at Work People can fall ill or suffer injuries anywhere and particularly when at work.  If this happens it is important that they get immediate medical attention and treatment. In case of serious cases means of getting to the hospital should be sought for immediately. First aid training for work is therefore very vital since the likely hood of a situation requiring first aid atten ...

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Choosing the Right Certification Courses

These days, some jobs would require that you have a CPR certification. But with several certification courses being offered today, and by different institutions like the American Heart Association or American St Mark James, it’s understandable why some are frustrated and wary when it comes to choosing what CPR certification class to take. Taking into consideration the following questions will make your sear ...

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