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Principles of Emergency Care: Triage

By definition, emergency medical care is prompt care that must be performed without delay as much as possible. In a medical institution’s emergency department, the staff and personnel in the aforementioned special unit will be facing a multitude of patients with diverse medical and disaster related conditions and injuries some of which are extremely life – threatening while some are not. Moreover, these dif ...

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Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms and Treatment

Natural Solutions for Erectile Dysfunction [media url="" width="600" height="400"] First aid FAQs Erectile dysfunction refers to a condition in which a man is not able to keep an adequately firm erection or does not get an erection at all for sexual intercourse. This is normally not a cause for concern if it happens from time to time however, if it is an ongoing iss ...

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Being Electrocuted Can Get you Executed

Did you know that being electrocuted can get you executed? Almost the whole world is accustomed to living life with electricity, to cool their hot summer days, to warm their cold winter nights, to light their houses at night, to use their latest technology. ...

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