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Does The Neighborhood One Is In Influence The Likelihood Of Bystander CPR?

A study carried out recently showed that there is a possibility the neighborhood one is in has an effect on whether one will get CPR or not from total strangers within the victim’s vicinity. This is what leads to the question of the likelihood of bystander CPR. Just as the name suggests, this form of CPR is the kind that is administered by someone who is on location and who can attend to the victim, it is i ...

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How to Save Choking Children: A First Aid Management

Choking is an emergency situation in infants, children, or adults because it may cause airway obstruction that could lead to cardiopulmonary arrest. A large piece of meat is most often the cause of choking in adults. For children, most especially ages 1 – 3, they are very susceptible because they may put anything inside their mouths, including coins, toys, etc. that could partially or totally occlude their ...

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How To Conduct CPR For Children

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation also known as CPR is a skill and technique that is of great significance among the human race. In millions of cases, CPR has helped saved many lives. Mostly applied to adults, CPR can also be used to save the lives of children too. However, most people stay away from the CPR for children as it requires more detailed to execute. Children by themselves are pretty delicate and the ...

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5 Reasons Why You Must Undergo CPR Training

Did you know that heart attack is one of the major causes of death in different parts of the world? The sad thing is that many of those who get to suffer these attacks outside of a hospital setup do not get to benefit from the life-saving technique known as cardiopulmonary resuscitation, abbreviated CPR. When performed on a patient, CPR techniques increase the chances of the patient’s survival. This is the ...

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Rescuing the Skin: A First-aid Management of Dermatologic Conditions The skin is the body’s first layer of protection. A broken or damage skin puts the person at risk for infection. Therefore, it is very important to recognize the initial management in cases that the skin is injured. Here are helpful managements for some common dermatologic conditions: Sunburn Sunburns are considered to be first-degree burns caused by overexposure ...

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