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First Aid Guide for Drug Abuse

Drug abuse occurs when an individual administers one or more drugs into their bodies in a way that is not in accordance with accepted medical or social norms. Drug abuse is a disorder, a health problem, that is characterized by a damaging pattern of use of these drugs, which eventually leads to further substantial problems. The most commonly abused drugs worldwide are marijuana or weed (cannabis), heroin, c ...

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Is Your Home At Risk for Flooding?

Springtime is in the air and that means you should brace yourself for the flooding season. Some regions in Canada experience flooding right after the winter season due to the accumulation of winter precipitation. Preparations for flooding should start from the individual level and up to the community level to minimize damage to properties and lives. It starts by knowing what are the likely causes the floodi ...

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Basic Order of Procedure For Water Rescue

Important Disclaimer: the material posted on this page for water rescue is for learning purposes only. To learn to recognize and help drowning victims enrol in St Mark James training courses. Rescue of a drowning person is best left at the hands of someone who is trained in water safety and rescue. However, if there is no trained rescuer available to help the drowning person, you can follow the basic order ...

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What To Do If A Drug Overdose Is Suspected?

There are many situations that call for immediate and critical treatment. One serious health scenario that definitely requires emergency medical attention is drug overdose. What is Overdose? An overdose occurs when a person consumes more than the recommended amount of medicine or drug, to the point of being toxic to the body. Substances that can cause harm when taken in excess include all types of [caption ...

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