Fire Safety For Kids

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Asking fire protection questions is one essential way to help safeguard your kids in the event of a fire. Make certain your kids get the exact answers so they can be educated about the hazards related to fire. Handling matches is the primary cause of death for kids below the age of 5 years. Asking your kids questions about fire protection will help you make them alert of how unsafe fire can be so they know what actions to take if a fire does occur.

Call Someone When You See Fire

Teaching your kids to phone the emergency services is a great way to empower them to be safe in hazardous circumstances. Your kids need to know that phoning the emergency services will bring assistance. It is suggested that you talk with your kids about what a crisis is so they can be ready to phone for assistance if your home catches on fire. You should also explain to your kids how to dial the phone so they are ready to phone for assistance if required.

What If Your Clothing Catches On Fire

Make certain your kids get the exact answers so they can be educated about the hazards related to fire.
Make certain your kids get the exact answers so they can be educated about the hazards related to fire.

Your kids should know to stop, drop and roll if their clothing catches on fire. Teach them to stop if they see that their clothing is on fire so the fire does not increase faster. Then, your kids should know to drop to the floor wherever they are standing and roll around to smother the fire. Learning how to stop, drop and roll will assist your kids to remember what actions to take if their clothing ever catches on fire

There Is A Fire In My Home

Your kids should realize what to do if your home ever catches on fire so they can escape unharmed. It is vital that your kids know to get out of the house straight away and not stop to get their favorite toys or any other possessions. Run-through a fire drill practice so your kids know how to escape out of the house and where they can meet you once they are out of the house.

If You Find A Match Or A Lighter – What Should You Do

Your kids should understand the significance of making sure they know to inform an adult if they see matches or a lighter. Your kids should also realize that they are not to play with anything that can start a fire but are supposed to come to you so you can carefully remove them. You should also make certain your kids know that touching matches and lighters is very risky and can result in a fire.

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