5 Reasons Why You Must Undergo CPR Training

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Did you know that heart attack is one of the major causes of death in different parts of the world? The sad thing is that many of those who get to suffer these attacks outside of a hospital setup do not get to benefit from the life-saving technique known as cardiopulmonary resuscitation, abbreviated CPR. When performed on a patient, CPR techniques increase the chances of the patient’s survival. This is the reason why you must undergo CPR training. CPR is not only simple to learn, but anyone can undergo training so that they are well equipped. Below are the top five reasons why you need to get trained in CPR:

1)      CPR is a life saving technique. This is a fact which cannot be overlooked because in the event of a heart attack, the heart is not able to pump blood to the body. By performing CPR, you are able to help an individual’s heart pump blood to key body organs and keep them alive until medical help arrives.

2)      CPR training will make you realize that this procedure is not performed as frequently as it ought to be when the situation arises. In fact, many people will attest to never having done CPR for lack of proper training. Do not let this be an excuse for not getting the necessary skills and been prepared to provide bystander CPR.

3)      Many individuals are usually concerned about the prospect of providing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, perhaps due to hygiene issues or simply because they are unsure of how it works. Well, the good news is that if you go for CPR training, you will be taught that there is another handy technique that eliminates the need to perform mouth-to-mouth CPR. This is known as hands-only CPR, a technique which is just as effective as mouth CPR.

4)      Hands-only CPR is taught during CPR training, and is simple to learn. To do this effectively, you need to place the heel of your hand at the midpoint of the victim’s chest. Take you other free hand and place it atop your first hand. You will then interlock your fingers and press down on the chest a couple of inches before releasing. This should be repeated about 100 times every 60 seconds. You should continue doing this until emergency medical help arrives. Studies show that victims are likely to have normal brain functioning when CPR is done for up to 40 minutes following cardiac arrest.

5)      The fact that many cases of heart attacks will occur at home means that you must be well trained to handle such emergencies. With this in mind, it is evident why CPR training is crucial. In recent times, various organizations have sought to introduce this training to schools in order to create awareness of this life-saving technique.

Take up the challenge and go for CPR training to get confident in your skills as far as preparedness is concerned. Mobilize your family, friends, co-workers etc to take up the training as well. The more people are trained, the greater the chances of survival.

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