How To Treat Bronchitis

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There are two kinds of bronchitis — acute and chronic. An individual might also experience asthmatic bronchitis.

What Are The Causes Of Bronchitis

  • Infection of the lungs can occur, generally because of viral infections.
  • Smoking cigarettes. Smoking increase the possibility of irritation to the bronchial tubes which causes more mucus to be produced.
  • Bronchitis can be caused by toxins found in the air.
  • Industrial contamination, generally a problem among persons who work in mines and metal workers. Also, contact with dust and gases causes bronchitis.
  • Consistent incidences of acute bronchitis can result in chronic bronchitis as the airways become weaker.
    Mainly there are two kinds of bronchitis — acute and chronic
    Mainly there are two kinds of bronchitis — acute and chronic

Acute Bronchitis – Symptoms

The key symptoms to look out for when it comes to determining if you are definitely experiencing acute bronchitis include:

  • Consistent cough that causes frustration.
  • Phlegm or blockage that generally starts after a cough develops.
  • High fever and trembling.
  • Tension in the chest.
  • Failure to breathe in one motion; thus causing breathlessness.

Chronic Bronchitis – Symptoms

  • A cough that persists for a few days causing phlegm that persists for more than three in a year.
  • Gasping and breathlessness which might take place at regular periods.

Identification Of Bronchitis

When you go and see your doctor for the ailment, they will:

  • Ask for a broad explanation of the symptoms as well as other pertinent points about your medical history.
  • A detailed physical check-up.
  • Ask for pulmonary tests to determine precisely how well your lungs are operating.
  • An X-ray if necessary.
  • Phlegm samples to be verified for the existence of any infection causing bacteria that may be the reason for the disease.

Treating Chronic Bronchitis

  • Bronchodilators assist by opening the airways to the lungs.
  • Drinking lots of water also eliminates phlegm and helps to keep the body properly hydrated.
  • Humidifiers can also be used to reduce the mucus and help by keeping the airways damp.
  • A few minutes of daily workouts can also assist you by developing your breathing.

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