Myths About First Aid

3 Myths About First Aid

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Myths About First AidInjuries are part of every human being’s life and every now and then you someone somewhere suffers injuries, some of them can be fatal while others can lead to different complications. When someone gets injured the nearby people always try to rush towards help and safe and/or the affected person, this is called giving ‘first aid’. Now, there are some myths about giving first aids which can prove fatal while others only do some harm but it is always better to know then suffer later. In this article you’ll know about three myths related to first aid.

1. Applying butter on Burns

Although the origin of the myth cannot be found, but applying cold butter on burns seem a good idea to get out of the initial stage of pain. However, since butter involves oil and after sometime it will warm-up which results in trapping the heat of the burn in the tissue causing more complications. Moreover, the affected area will burn for longer time because the heat won’t be able to escape. If the injury or burn is severe, then doctor will have to remove the butter (obviously) and removing oil isn’t an easy task. Scrubbing and some other chemicals such as storn soap might be used. Both of them will only increase the suffering and then add the burned area’s pain, not a good idea after all. Therefore it’s better to leave the butter in the kitchen or your refrigerator.

2. Sucking on Snake Bite to remove the Venom

Watching those movies and TV shows has really amplified this myth and many people really believe that sucking on a snake’s bite will remove the venom and the victim will not suffer anymore. As realistic as it might sound, that’s not true!The venom travels really fast when it enters the bloodstream and you hardly have just few seconds to remove it from the place of bite, so it doesn’t sit there so you can extract it back. Some people use syringes for such purposes, though it’s safe it still doesn’t work and sucking is even worse because if the venom is going in your mouth then it will harm you and snake would get ‘bite one get 2 affected’ deal. It’s time not play a hero, so you better call the paramedics right away!

3. Alcohol for Cold Victim

It has become more like a norm for people to think that drinking alcohol during cold can ease their suffering and get them rid of the cold. It would have been great if it was true but that’s not the case. Alcohol keeps you warm and cozy but in actual it can lead to hypothermia in winters. You seriously don’t want hypothermia over cold, so it is advised to stay away from alcohol unless get better and also don’t suggest alcohol to any other cold victim.

These are top 3 myths about giving first aid in the above mentioned situations and it is hoped that you won’t try these methods.

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