First Aid at Work

First Aid at Work

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How To Carry Out First Aid at Work

First Aid at WorkPeople can fall ill or suffer injuries anywhere and particularly when at work.  If this happens it is important that they get immediate medical attention and treatment. In case of serious cases means of getting to the hospital should be sought for immediately. First aid training for work is therefore very vital since the likely hood of a situation requiring first aid attention is higher as many people are usually at one workplace. First aid is intended to save life and to prevent minor injuries from becoming serious ones.

First Aid at Work – Trained first aider

One of the main requirements at the workplace is to have trained first aiders among the staff in a workplace. This is the person tasked with taking charge when a situation requiring first aid occurs. They attend to the victim as well as mobilizing those around to call for an ambulance or medical personnel. Such is personal is normally a person trained in first aid or emergency aid and has been undertaking annual refresher courses. This person is responsible in many countries it is a requirement that various staff be trained in first aid in the organization so as to attend to others in case of emergency. There are many organizations that offer first aid training in many countries. Global ones include St Mark James or Red Crescent International and the St. John Ambulance.

The number of first aiders at any workplace is various and depends on many factors. This may include the size of the organization as well the risk and hazards in a particular workplace. Very risky work environment has a high likelihood of injuries occurring much often. Guidelines on this can be sought from relevant government agencies mandated with such work.

First Aid training for Work – Staff awareness

It is important that the staff know that first aid is available at the work place. It is also important that they are able to find the persons charged with this task with ease during an emergency. A common practice is to have the names and the contact of these persons in a location where everyone can find them.  The first aid boxes should also be placed in a location that is within everyone’s reach be made known to all staff.

First Aid at Work – Situations requiring first aid at work

There are many situations that call for first aid training at work. Depending on the kind of workplace they may be obvious or not. A manufacturing or construction operation where they are a lot of machinery and physical work is prone to cases of injuries such as back strains, cuts and other soft tissue injuries and is some cases fractures. On the other hand, the office environment can have a situation such as fainting or nose bleeding or other conditions that an individual may suffer from. It’s therefore that one understands such a condition exists when dealing with such a victim, when such situations arise.


Proper first aid  procedures at work depends on proper planning, proper training of the first aiders and proper situational of  cases requiring first aid attention.

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