How To Deal with A Migraine

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Surprisingly brain can never feel any pain but the muscles enveloping the brain, the blood vessels, and the nerves tend to create the pain, sometimes too severe to bear. A study reveals that a migraine affects nearly 30 million people in United States, out of which 75% are women.

Surprisingly brain can never feel any pain but the muscles enveloping the brain, the blood vessels , and the nerves tend to create the pain
Surprisingly brain can never feel any pain but the muscles enveloping the brain, the blood vessels , and the nerves tend to create the pain

Recurring headaches must be referred to a doctor and the frequency of occurrence must be clearly noted down.

What is A Migraine?

A migraine is a type of headache which is severe with symptoms of pounding pain in one or both sides of the head, pain in the eyes and forehead, nausea, and at times double vision too. When one suffers from these migraine symptoms, any physical activity tends to aggravate the pain.

Research conducted on headaches mentions that a migraine is triggered by stress, long hours of sedentary work in the same posture, weather changes, lack of sleep, and in women, the change in menstrual cycle. In some cases, excessive alcohol or consumption of food allergic or lack of food also result in a severe headache.

What medicines or remedies can one resort to, when a migraine or severe headache grapples suddenly, thus halting normal schedule of activities. Unless and until a migraine is alleviated, one cannot proceed further or execute any work – be it in the office or at home or elsewhere.

The following 5 simple home remedies can be tried out to reduce the throbbing pain or even get relief from the nagging ache:
1. 1. Rubbing Ice

On the pulsating area of the temple,one can rub with ice cubes. This helps in compressing the blood vessels and offers relief. Simultaneously, massaging the back side of the neck helps in allowing more blood flow to the head.

1. 2. Raw Ginger

Eating raw ginger gives a soothing effect to many patients. Ginger capsules can also be taken. Dry ginger is made into a paste and applied on the forehead and left for 15 to 20 minutes if one cannot eat raw ginger. Care must be taken that the ginger paste does not get into the eyes.
1. 3. Butter Bur

A plant found in many parts of Europe especially in Germany, Buterbur is believed to provide great relief for patients suffering from a migraine. It is also available in pills which are found to be more effective in assuaging the pain.
1. 4. Carrot and spinach juice

One can make carrot and spinach juices, mix half a glass of each and drink the same. This simple home-made natural medicine is believed to cure a migraine.

1. 5. Remedy with lemons

The peels of 5 lemons should be ground well with some water and made into a paste. Applying this paste on the forehead helps in chasing away migraine or other severe headaches. The juice extracted from these lemons can also be consumed with a pinch of salt, which controls the nausea generated by the migraine.
The above home remedies do not have any side impact on a patient and these can be safely tried out for an instant relief.


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